Project Description

If you would like to learn more about the evolution of Planet Postmoderna and its Master Virtual World Project, you may read more about the journey and what brought us to this point, in the Postmoderna History Blog Thread.  The master project is part of a vision for providing a way for people to experience a story.  This principle is the same today as it was when I first dreamt about it in the early 1980s.

The book, Children of Arla, is the introduction to the Virtual World Game Story.   The story, world, and the characters introduced in Children of Arla are meant to be continued and experienced within the game.

Planned Game Mechanic

You enter the world as a settler with a V-Chip Device.  The device stores an imprint of your physical and skill attributes.  Your attribute values improve over time as well as increasing the VChip’s real-world monetary value.  The chip will be tradable and/or sellable on market for its fair market value at that time.

This device is the basis for your character and you use it to navigate the new world guided by the main storyline.  Your efforts as a farmer, medic, engineer, or other available classes will improve your individual skillset, financial purse, as well as the evolution of the game world.  Every player’s efforts affect the planet and what happens on it.   This dynamic is meant to be fully organic.

Your life in this virtual world will only be limited by how much you ride the storyline curve and play your part in the drama of the planet.

The game can be played on a desktop and/or with a virtual reality headset.

Current Project Milestones

Milestone 1

Sell 20,000 copies of Children of Arla.  This will fund 3-6 Months of Development for the Master Virtual World Project Demo.  Additional funding may be obtained through investment and donations.  Milestone 1 is the build out of a demo of Zone 5: Base Camp.

Initial Project Needs

  1. C# Unity Programmers (est. $4500 USD per month each) to build gameplay mechanics
  2. 3D Modelers – Skills:  Maya, Zbrush, 3DSMax, Mudbox (for static assets: structures and terrain/environment) (est. $3500+ USD per month each)
  3. 2D Artists – Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator (est. $3500+ USD per month each)
  4. Animators – (for animation and cutscene sequences) – this is secondary to the above items (est. $3500+ USD per month each)
  5. Further Game Story Mechanics and Dialog Development (est. $3500+ USD per month each)
  6. Economy and Currency Development
  7. Come up with the official name for the Virtual World.

Milestone 2

Once the Demo is completed we will finish Zone 5: Base Camp and the neighboring areas to include Crystal Canyon and the entrance for Temple Q.

Project Needs/Goals

  1. Build Gameplay for Temple Q and Crystal Canyon
  2. Refine Quests and Gameplay around Base Camp
  3. Refine Economy Mechanics
  4. More to come….


If you would like to make contributions to the project, this will help us launch faster.  Any donations to the project will be tracked.  When you make a contribution, let us know who you are.   One of our hopes is to reward contributors with virtual currency and other early Founder perks for use in the game .

You may contribute as many times as you like.

So far we have raised $555 towards our $250,000 target! That’s 0% of the total!

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