The Advent/The Children of Arla

The Advent and The Children of Arla (of the same) are what the primary virtual world project of Planet Postmoderna is based on. The short story (The Advent) came first, the first 4 chapters of the book, The Advent, came next. Then came more rewrites and edits with even more chapters. When we started the virtual game project in 2008, I continued to flesh out the fiction to help provide more guidance for the project. I even added in some ideas I got from some of the project team members.

I did another rewrite in 2011, retitled the story formally to The Children of Arla but then in 2015, I stopped. I had hired someone to help me edit and finish it in 2015 but that attempt to save me time, ended up giving me even more work. Feeling a bit frustrated from having to fix a lot of the edits, I stopped after reaching the Chapter 17 edits. I did not touch The Children of Arla again after that. The story core (all 85,000+ words) was completed but I felt it was still pretty raw. I was just too burnt out from working on the project and my full time job at the time at Solar City.

Published in 2022

The original goal of the published story was to gain more interest in the Virtual World Game Project and, get the financial backing and professional interest I needed. Maybe some of the people I spoke with (namely investors) would take me more seriously. That goal has not changed. I am hoping to use all the revenues generated from the book to help fund the initial expenses of the virtual world project. I will need to hire 3D/2D designers and a C# coder. Part of that cost will also be to launch the crypto currency for the virtual economies that will be contained within the various virtual worlds.

Book and Story Goal

The Children of Arla is written in a way to introduce people to the story behind the Master Virtual World Game Project.  The story also branches out into parts that are meant to be finished inside the virtual world game.    This organic design is intentional.

The Story

John Baxter is the former CEO of an influential Virtual Reality Technologies Company. Having built an empire on immersive virtual world technologies and other investments, early retirement and some much-needed time with his family seem well-earned. But his early retirement is short-lived.

On a trip to a mining outpost to aid in settling a labor dispute—his last act of diplomacy for his companies—he is cast into a tragedy that takes him to a faraway world that is ironically an organic virtual world. Created for humankind to find someday by an alien race who has visited our planet and many others throughout the ages, this world will be the stage for events that would change our universe forever. John and his crew will soon learn they were ominously cast to take part of this interstellar drama.  They will learn how many of them and many of humankind are the Children of the Arla.

Sales Target

The first Milestone Goal is to hit 20,000 copies sold. That brings us close enough to fund a demo for the Master Virtual World Project. That number takes into account, sales and promotions. It will fund a 3-6 months of Design and Development work.

Based on the publish date or 1/16/2022 we have sold:

As of 06/15/2022, 105 copies sold. This includes those sold on Amazon and at the following events:

  • 2022 El Paso Comic Con
  • 2022 Phoenix Fan Fusion
  • 2022 Denver Fan Expo (coming July 1-3)
Sales toward 20,000 units sold (1st Benchmark) 120

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