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Indie Game Design

Art & Technical Director, Business Development, Strategic Project Planning & Management

VIRTUAL WORLD Possibilities are only limited by your creativity

About Me

Indie Game Designer and Game Business Development

I have worked in business and market development for several decades but have always had a love for video games and virtual worlds.

I used to fantasize about creating interactive stories when I was younger.  When games like Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider came out, I became an addict of story-driven and immersive content.

My deepest love was for VR and AR because I imagined that story-driven virtual worlds that used immersive content was the direction much of game entertainment would go.  I wanted to go in that direction too.  I saw VR technology (eg. Oculus, etc) develop over the years so I knew I was on the right road.

I became interested in real cash economies like Entropia Universe by Mindark and Second Life by Linden Labs.  I even pursued building a Partner Planet for the game franchise.  I was not able to raise the initial capital to launch it.  I am still building the concept for a standalone adventure RPG.    The spark to create content and games was ignited back then and is a steady burning flame now.   I knew I needed to keep going.

During the process, I learned many game & world platforms ranging from Vastpark, Multiverse, CryEngine, Unreal and eventually Unity3D.  The later is what I settled on for my platform of choice.  It is not only good for games but also for real-time project development of many types and genres.

Why Work With Me


Not only can I work with you on 3D Model and Asset Design, Level Design, Texture Production and other Game Related Assets, I can help with Project Development and Planning.  The main reasons though are my Passion, Dedication & Perseverance.


Previous Work


“Alan is a rare breed. He has amazing ideas and isn’t afraid to dig in and find answers from anybody who can add value. He’s on a mission to create the next great game company and he isn’t going to let anybody get in his way. He’s surrounded himself with some great people in the industry who can take him there and I fully believe we’ll see Planet Postmoderna eventually launched successfully. We’re lucky to have him here in Colorado Springs and he’s a great addition to our entrepreneur community.”


“As stated by previous people, Alan is definitely a man of vision, passion and drive. Having worked with him for a short time on the Postmoderna project I can honestly say I have a great deal of respect for him. He is a fantastic leader and is one of the few people I’ve encountered that can share an idea while fully appreciating the feedback given by others. One of Alan’s most impressive skills is his ability to approach any unknown technical subject and quickly familiarise himself to put it to good use. Just how he manages the project and a busy life at the same time I do not know. I have no doubt at all that because of Alan’s determination will see Project Postmoderna become a huge success in the near future.”


“Alan is a guy with great passion for what he does at Project Postmoderna. He was very keen to get back to us when we first contacted him about the project, and along the way, we built a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. Alan knows exactly what he wants, he is very aware of the major hurdles on the road, but he seems determined to get his vision translated into a viable game, and he manages to entice everyone with his ideas and input. I have no doubt in my mind that Project Postmoderna will be successful one day, and when it does, it will be purely due to Alan’s drive and enthusiasm.”


“Alan is persuasive, energetic and determined. His vision and willingness to learn and grow in areas unfamiliar to him mean he would be a core asset in any organization. He’s now hatching an innovative concept (Planet Postmoderna) that’s grounded in ancient myths and structures and blends social and entertainment value and a for profit business model that makes sense in the emerging marketplace and which I’m sure will be emulated many times over in the future.”


Expert Design Advice & Hard Work


Let’s Work Together


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About My Work

Much as I am a Work In Progress (WIP) so are all of my projects.  Learn more about what I am up to by reading the info in my portfolio and the blog.

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